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Growth Compass by ELITE is an exclusive digital tool that enables you to assess your potential and prepares you to scale up.
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1000 Companies to inspire Europe Report


At the international level, all fast growing inspiring companies face similar challenges. Growth Compass will give you,
in a simple digital format, the tools and advice you need to direct your company most effectively on its
growth path.

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the Growth Compass journey


You'll obtain a clear view of your readiness for growth and see how you are positioned compared to your peer group.

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the Growth Compass journey

Growth Compass

You'll be guided through the ten key factors that drive your growth. The Growth Compass will provide real
time feedback that positions you perfectly to face your next challenges based on your areas for improvement.

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the Growth Compass journey

An International Network of Companies

You'll be part of an exclusive international network of excellent, fast growing companies. Make contact, do
business, share experiences.

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the Growth Compass journey

Tailored Feedback and Insights

As you proceed in your Growth Compass journey, you'll receive tailored insights and light-touch advice on how to
support and foster your growth - all based on acknowledged managerial best practices and benchmarks.
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Your Growth Path

Your Growth Path

Guide for Growth

An effective support to help you express your potential.
The first digital guide to grow, based on a in depth check-up of your readiness and on insights and

Catalyst for Growth

A full-service programme designed to share best practices and increase growth opportunities, including the understanding of capital markets. An innovative approach based on exclusive training and tutorship, supported by access to the business and financial community, with the aim of preparing companies for their next stage of growth and investment.

Capital for Growth

ELITE Club Deal is an online private placement platform designed to streamline the capital raising process for companies. ELITE Club Deal connects companies to professional investors, offering them a host of funding options in an online integrated environment.

Your Growth Path

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Growth Compass is an invitation-only programme. To find out how to access it, and obtain more information, please
contact us.